Local craftsmanship & rebellion!

I doubt you could have missed 800th anniversary of  Magna Carta in the news last week.  I have been following the build up to local celebrations for some time as I knew that the local community were planning something special. Our neighbouring village was at the heart of the barons’ rebellion.  Four of the rebel barons including the lead rebel baron, Lord Robert Fitzwalter of Little Dunmow, came from our local villages.  I was most impressed by the community artwork; a handsewn & appliqued triptych of medieval traditions including the Flitch Trials (still held every leap year), Robert Fitzwalter’s seal & modern day farmed landscape with reference to WWI & II.

magna carta


This lovely applique pictorial, a labour of love, was sewn by twenty villagers of all ages & levels of experience during the past year  & even the beautiful oak frame was carved by a local craftsman.  Beautifully done Little Dunmow!

PicMonkey magna carta


Little Dunmow’s celebrations planned by Kate Atherton.  Triptych designed by Mike Elliott.  Stitched by ‘Village stitchers’ including Tricia Richardson, Kate Atherton, Sophie Atherton, Isabel Atherton. Oak carved by Arthur Crow.






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