Roman blind safety

I am delighted to be able to continue to offer roman blinds on a traditional wooden batten.  All our blinds are fully compliant with the new child safety regulations (BSEN16434:2014).  Blinds on tradtitional fabric covered wooden battens are perfect for heritage homes or for where a slimmer profile batten is required.   I aim to give as much choice as possible & continue to offer blinds on metal headrails with chain mechanism also made using products which comply fully with the standard.

Depending on your preference your roman blinds can be made up using traditional brass or clear rings on the back. Brass or clear cord safety cleats will be fitted & regardless of your choice of wooden fabric covered batten or metal headrail your blind will of course continue to be made using traditional handsewing techniques with no unsightly machine stitching on the front.


Roman blind headrail

IMG_1121   Roman blinds can be hung from a traditional batten with a cleat installed on the wall to wind the pull up strings around or from a metal headrail with a chain mechanism.  A metal headrail is particularly appropriate if it is a very wide, heavy blind or you may prefer this mechanism if you are pulling up the blind frequently.   In this instance the blind is fairly wide & an antique brass metal chain was chosen to complement the door hardware in the kitchen where it is to be installed.

The  discreet metal headrail can just be glimpsed in this side on view.

Our roman blinds are sewn by hand to avoid unsightly rows of stitching on the front of the blind.

All of our blinds are supplied with a child safety mechanism.  If you would like more information about this do let me know.


Straight pelmets

Roman blind straight pelmet

A straight upholstered pelmet was suggested instead of the shaped ones that were installed elsewhere in the same room due to the size of the pelmet over a narrow window.  As you can see there was limited space & the  pelmet butts up to the wall on one side but still looks smart.     continue scrolling down for more blinds or pelmets…