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cropped-image.jpg“Bespoke…is an English word meaning made to a buyer’s specification; personalised or tailored”.

Why buy bespoke?   There are so many reasons….from quality workmanship to made to measure service.  Unlike ready made curtains, bespoke curtains & blinds are tailor made just for you & your home. Every detail can be personally designed & managed.  As a bespoke curtain maker I can make to fit challenging windows or doors.  Interesting details & gorgeous trimmings can be used to create ‘one of a kind’ & you can have personalised products & service that reflect your taste & budget.

I would be delighted to work with you to create the soft furnishings that you really would love to have in your home & that reflect your personality, the way you live & at an affordable price.

Arrange a date for your obligation free consultation.  I will visit you in your home where we can discuss your project, I can take measurements & discuss fabrics & ideas.

Depending on the scale of the project, my work-load, the materials needed you should have your bespoke new furnishings in four to six weeks. A second visit may be needed to take more detailed measurements.  Fitting can also be arranged.  T: 01371 872697

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