I’ve been delighted by the feedback from our clients about Fenwick & Tilbrook paint since becoming one of their Design Partners. Fenwick & Tilbrook are a boutique, family run, high quality paint manufacturer based in Norfolk & as they say “There are a number of manufacturers of premium paints and, with some, the price tag is not necessarily mirrored by the quality. At Fenwick & Tilbrook, quality and, therefore, durability are at the heart of our paints. That means you do not need to use as much paint, it will last longer and, most of all, it will simply look better. It’s great to apply too. We firmly believe you won’t find a better paint”.

Their paint is made to order using only the highest quality ingredients. The paint has great opacity which means less coats are required, excellent durability & high pigment levels for fantastic depth of colour. They offer a fabulous inspiration box of 150 of their colours which means you can easily try out a colour in your room without having to buy a tester pot, although you can do this if you prefer. I find this is a great tool to assist me when trying out paint colours with furnishings.