How to clean your lampshades

How to clean your lampshades
Pic mrs steed lampshades

Fabric lampshades can pose cleaning challenges depending on their shape & construction but there are tried & tested ways to clean most…

Drum shades can be cleaned using a lint roller or a microfiber cloth.  The lining can be easily vacuumed & wiped with a cloth if necessary.

Fabric lampshades can be carefully vacuumed using the upholstery brush attachment or by covering the crevice tool with tights (to prevent threads being pulled loose).   Alternatively a hairdryer on cool setting can be used.   For fragile lampshades an artists brush can be used; starting at the top, working your way down the shade in long sweeping motions to remove any dust.

For silk shades a ‘Dry magic’ lampshade cleaning sponge can be used. These are reusable & easily found on-line.