Case study: Bi-fold doors

Mrs Steed

Bi-fold doors are everywhere at the moment & understandably desirable as they have a lot to offer…but how to dress them?  Even with the most up to date triple glazed units, glass is cold & in winter most of us crave cosiness.   In this instance my clients had installed bi-fold doors accross the back of their extension to give them a wonderful view of the fields beyond their property with the added benefit of being able to open them up completely to the garden deck in summer.  Having lived with their revamped home for a while they realised that they would like their lovely new room to be cosy in winter & chose curtains to achieve this.

The brief was to create a contemporary curtain treatment which could be swept to one side when the bi-fold doors are open.  My client liked the minimal look of eyelet curtains on…

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