I’ve had the pleasure of working with many different fabrics so far this year including a very glamorous Designers Guild Dupion. It’s incredible to believe that the source of this stunning natural silk thread was kept a secret for over a thousand years.  For soft furnishers Dupion silk is one of the most popular silk materials as its great to sew & drapes beautifully.  Its thread is stronger than cotton & rougher than other silk with lots of slubs as part of its texture & unique charm.

These lustrous curtains with pelmets were made for a bedroom, in a stunning historic home, which had been designed around a vibrant rug in warm shades of orange from North Africa.

I used an interlining recommended especially for use with silk & a thermal lining with good drape qualities.  The pelmets have a small piped edge for definition.  The silk changes shade depending on the light due to the structure of the silk fibres which makes it difficult to capture & do justice to it’s beautiful ‘Ginger’ colour in photos.

I’m looking forward to working with more silk fabrics especially as I can offer such a gorgeous array of colours, textures & patterns…

jh silk portfolio

Just ask me for more details or to see more gorgeous silks ‘in the flesh’…..

e:    t: 01371 872697



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