The first five months of this year have been proof that many of my customers are still in love with restful grey interiors.  Each one of these clients chose their own version of the perfect grey in whichever texture or grey tone they preferred.  Some are silvery, some with steel or lilac, aubergine or charcoal undertones.  There are a myriad of grey fabrics to chose from.

Incredibly the human eye is able to distinguish over 50 shades of grey.

Grey is often associated with sophistication, elegance, calm & can be the perfect neutral or accent.   Add a pop of bright colour or pastel shade & it changes the tone of the room.  Add some texture such as luxurious velvet or linen, or add metallics & the scheme is altered completely.

PicMonkey Grey

Don’t hesitate to ask if you would like me to help you find your perfect grey fabric!

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